Technology Assurance Group

MAT Team

The Members' Action Team is TAG's Advisory Board

MAT's mission is to...

Seek out TAG Members' input, ideas, and suggestions and communicate them to TAG. We proactively pursue the implementation of better practices and convey information on Members' successes to the Membership. We evaluate new concepts and ideas before deployment to TAG Members.

We encourage you to email your MAT representative and/or TAG your ideas and suggestions.


Jerry Hilecher Jerry Hilecher
Gateway TelNet
(818) 775-1234
Cheryl Kassner Cheryl Kassner
Technolink of the Rockies
(720) 895-4705 x105

MTSP Central

Vic Levinson Vic Levinson
Prime Telecommunications Inc.
(847) 329-8600
Kelly Ethingon Kelly Ethingon
Complete Technology Solutions
(618) 443-3068


Tom Vaughan Tom Vaughan
Central Technology Solutions
(434) 237-4300
CG Frink CG Frink
Northeast Information Systems
(518) 867-4111

Do you have any questions?

(858) 946-2108