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Advancing Your Business Through Education & Collaborative Effort TAG's mission is to increase its Members' profits and sales through education and to ease their introduction of new technology to the marketplace by leveraging their combined intellect and purchasing power.

Founded in 1998, Technology Assurance Group is an organization of leading managed technology services providers (MTSPs) in the United States and Canada representing $800 million in products and services. TAG Members integrate all technology solutions including IT, cloud-based technologies, cybersecurity, telecommunications, AV, video surveillance, access control and managed print. Members benefit from best business and management practices, advanced sales training programs and processes, in-depth financial analysis and industry benchmarking, professionally led peer group interaction, marketing and lead generation programs, and strategic partnerships with technology manufacturers.

Our Model

Business Education, Profits, Recurring Revenue, CEO Network, Technology Foresight, Co-op Purchasing

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 TAG gave us a sales process…the training and knowledge put our company in the right direction…
I would not want to compete against a TAG Member!

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