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Founded in 1998, Technology Assurance Group is an organization of leading managed technology services providers (MTSPs) in the United States and Canada representing $600 million in products and services. TAG Members integrate all technology solutions including IT, cloud-based technologies, cybersecurity, telecommunications, AV, video surveillance, access control and managed print.


TAG's mission is to increase its Members' profits and sales through education and to ease their introduction of new technology to the marketplace by leveraging their combined intellect and purchasing power.


Members benefit from best business and management practices, advanced sales training programs and processes, in-depth financial analysis and industry benchmarking, professionally led peer group interaction, marketing and lead generation programs, and strategic partnerships with technology manufacturers.


We own and run a successful MTSP in Southern California.

Our success is the implementation of our best practices
from TAG.

We do what we teach and we teach what we do.


  • Candid communication that leads to positive change
  • "20s", wherever found – those that embrace accountability for excellence
  • Passionate employee engagement for the betterment of the organization
  • Highly conscious cooperative effort to help everyone succeed
  • Innovation and ideas more than knowledge
  • Endless education and personal development
  • Constant effort to contact, consult and partner with our customers
  • Respect, patience, compassion and cooperation in every relationship

Executive Team

Brian Suerth, President

Brian Suerth, President

858.946.2112 |

Brian is responsible for directing TAG's executive team in its pursuit of ever-improving advice, support and counseling in the technology arena and the expansion of TAG's Membership and Strategic Relationships. He drives the growth and performance of TAG Members by delivering in-depth training and consultation in the areas of management, sales, strategic planning, marketing and public relations. During his time at TAG, Brian has rapidly risen to national notoriety as a sales and motivational speaker.

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Tim Schatz, Executive Vice President

Tim Schatz, Executive Vice President

858.946.2109 |

At TAG, Tim is responsible for providing financial analysis, advice, and counseling to TAG Members. He drives profitability growth for TAG Members by delivering in depth financial and management training utilizing industry benchmarks and "best practices" in both group settings and one-on-one. He is tasked with development and initiation of strategic programs for the benefit of TAG Members. Tim also drives achievement of TAG's Mission, realization of its strategic plan, and manages its overall financial performance.

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Lane Smith, Vice President of Member Advancement

Lane Smith, Vice President of Member Advancement

858-946-2113 |

Lane works closely with TAG Members to profitably grow their businesses, drive new sales, launch go to market strategies, and enhance operational efficiencies. Lane plays a leading role in transitioning TAG Members to successfully adopt the Managed Technology Services Provider business model. He has a strong technology background and leverages his vast knowledge to evaluate emerging technologies for TAG's Membership.

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Ryan Mulvany, Vice President of Member Advancement

Ryan Mulvany, Vice President of
Member & Partner Relations

858-946-2110 |

Ryan Mulvany is responsible for driving successful partnerships between TAG’s Membership and Strategic Partners. Ryan provides consultation, analysis, advice and counseling, creates innovative programs designed to increase the profits and sales of Members and Partners, conducts business management trainings to advance TAG’s Members, develops new curriculum, tools and systems, evaluates emerging technology and solidifies partnerships with suppliers to the industry.

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Advisory Board

Dale Johnson, CEO

Dale Johnson, CEO

858.946.2101 |

Serving as TAG's CEO since June of 2000, Dale Johnson has responsibility for all aspects of the organization's operations, including achievement of its mission, realization of its strategic plan and its financial performance. Dale brings over 30 years of experience in the development and growth of entrepreneurial businesses to his daily tasks at TAG. He has engaged in the development, acquisition and merger of well over 100 companies. His extensive experience and education in the development and implementation of long term business plans, business management practices, financial analysis, "best practices" migration facilitate the development of many of TAG strategic programs.

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Dale Stein, Co-founder

Dale Stein, Co-founder

858.946.2115 |

Dale Stein, one of Southern California's leading entrepreneurs, co founded Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an international organization of independently owned telecommunications and IT providers, and currently serves as a partner. Dale holds the responsibility for developing TAG's strategic planning and guiding its business development. One of the nation's most sought-after speakers on technology and its impact on advancing businesses. Dale has over 30 years of proven entrepreneurial, business strategy, management, sales and marketing experience.

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