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Members Receive Financial Advantages from Leading Technology Companies

December 6th, 2014 by Brian Suerth

TAG mobilizes the tremendous buying power of its Membership to rapidly boost their profit margins. Through purchasing expertise and group buying power, we have made it possible for every Member, regardless of size or location, to receive significant financial rebates or greater percentages of recurring revenue from our impressive group of Strategic Partners. TAG Members receive the best deal in the marketplace, also known as their TAG Member Advantage, from these providers. We do this by thoroughly analyzing the marketplace and finding solutions that meet our Members' needs. Potential Partners are carefully evaluated prior to their association with Membership. We only select Strategic Partners that are dedicated to providing Members with superior quality, service, and customer satisfaction. There are a number of areas where TAG Members can save money on products and services – with the end result being a dramatically improved bottom line. Contact us for more information

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