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July 3rd, 2017 by Brian Suerth


Last month we focused on different training and webinar sessions that we offer our Members. In addition to the financial and business courses that we regularly offer both live and remotely, we also want to highlight the benefits for attending different types of classes on a regular basis. Whether you're a CEO, Office Manager, Controller, Project Manager, Sales Representative, or working in a different part of your company, we probably offer a course that will interest you. Our classrooms are set up to help you create realistic and beneficial strategies, so you can improve your way of working. Take your new strategies and new learning back to your team and share - together as a team you can expand on new ideas and implement them in your business.

In the past few months, we've offered training on marketing leads, web traffic, financial management, C-TAP, teamwork, hiring, management, social media, and customer advocacy - just to name a few. There's something there for everyone.

Interested? Keep an eye on our events calendar and ask us about our different newsletters for regular class announcements. We offer different expert sessions, webinars, in-person workshops, trainings, and more based on the interests and needs of our Members. You can also talk to your representative at TAG if you're interested in any further training sessions covering different topics. One-on-one coaching is also an option, so don't hesitate to contact us. We believe in continuous learning to benefit all of our Members, so sign up for a class today!

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