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The Importance of Hiring Millennials and Preparing for Gen Z

December 4th, 2018 by Brian Suerth

From the Class – Understand How to Lead & Learn From Your Millennials Young adult group discussions

Millennials are on the older spectrum of their 20s and often in their 30s now, their ages ranging from 23-37, and many have been in the workforce for years. Millennials make up about 40% of the workforce today. Gen Z, also known as the iGeneration, comprise of those born after 1995. While these folks are either already in the workforce or coming into it, some of the older generation (Gen X and the Baby Boomers) are either getting ready for retirement or retired. Ultimately, it is time for all companies whether big or small to understand the importance and benefit of hiring millennials as well as the even newer, Gen Z.

  • Tech skills - With Gen Z primarily raised with touch screens and hybrid cars and Millenials just shy of the internet boom and portable devices, they are extraordinarily tech-savvy and usually can understand technology much faster than the majority of Baby Boomers and some Gen Xers.
  • More Creative - Millennials are often characterized as a lazy generation, but they are actually the most creative generation in history. It is no question that some of the most innovative companies were founded by millennials like Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and more.
  • Open to criticism - Open to growth and have the want to understand the way to advance and get better in their realm of work.
  • An optimistic generation with a go-getter attitude - No matter what they want to do and in whatever type of work they want, whether it is taking pictures, traveling, playing with fashion trends, or playing games, they know how to make something work.
  • Well-educated - Statistically, millennials are the most educated generation and with women leading the charge.
  • Millennials and younger are cheaper to have as employees and require less money since they value motivation and happiness. If they love their job, they are open to lower pay versus the older Baby Boomer generation where it was all about the bottom dollar.

There are a ton of other reasons that millennials and the iGeneration are not only a great addition to your company but will add so much more value and creativity to your company or organization. Diversity is also critical in the workplace; having a diverse environment of young and old can open new doors in innovation, problem-solving, and overall growth.

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