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Do your customers think you're a one-trick pony?

January 23rd, 2014 by Brian Suerth

Many technology providers have extensive experience in a particular field. You may have been your community's "phone guys" for decades; maybe local businesses think of you as their "computer gurus" or their "IT people." While we celebrate the diversity of specialties represented, we also know that these days, you have to be more. In order to be competitive in 2014 and beyond, technology providers need to adopt multiple disciplines. Customers don't want to go to one place for voice, then another for IT, and another for AV, and another for security, and so on. One-trick ponies will not survive this industry. The technology companies who can integrate those solutions and bring all of them to their customers are going to be the ones who don't just survive, but thrive. You may already offer this multitude of solutions (and if you don't, TAG can help!), your customers know? Or do they still think of you as just their "phone guys"? Marketing is critical for changing your customers' perception of all you have to offer, particularly if your business has a long-established reputation in just one area. TAG is your guide through this paradigm shift, from helping you adopt new technology to providing the advertising campaigns and sales/marketing strategies that let your customers know that YOU are a truly unified provider that can address all their technology needs. Now that the new year is here, take a good look at how your business looks to your customers. Do you present yourself as a one-trick pony? Or do they know that you're their comprehensive technology partner, keeping up with changes in the industry?

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