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March 12th, 2017 by Brian Suerth

While many of our Members bring their own marketing experiences and know-how to the TAG network, its a fact that on their own, small to medium-sized businesses won't be able to achieve the same marketing successes of larger companies. That's where TAG steps in, to bring together the different pieces of successful marketing that we see floating around the larger network, for the benefit of everyone. We've offered classes, workshops, and our own Creative Marketing Program to assist our Members with advanced marketing plans and strategies for their businesses.

All TAG Members can choose to receive basic to advanced level marketing training, filling in the gaps of our business owners and their teams. We offer marketing, public relations, and promotional materials that can be customized to fit your region and specific product offerings. Instead of always having to re-invent the wheel to market to different customer segments or promote particular services, you can use our resources to send out quality materials to entice customers. Don't worry - your customers won't be seeing the same marketing from you and your competitors. We actively work to differentiate our Members from the competition and stay ahead.

TAG wants to help its Members be successful. That is why we won't just dump lots of brochures and materials in your laps. We'll teach you how to best market your business in a creative, competitive manner, using the knowledge we've gathered from our partners and Members.

Learn more on our website about how we help our Members with their marketing strategies...

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